The 6th European Forum for Dietitians
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Thursday, 2 June 2005
Friday, 3 June 2005
Saturday, 4 June 2005
Sunday, 5 June 2005

Prevention / Dietary Practice
Education & Catering
Closing session

Eating habits and weight gain before 11 years of age in an arteriosclerosis prevention trial (STRIP project)   [View abstract]

European academic and practitioner standards for Dietitians   [View abstract]

"Fourchette Verte": a programme of labelling healthy food choices in various catering outlets in Switzerland   [View abstract]

Providing a nutritional "Sure Start" for low income children in the UK   [View abstract]

Education Credit Transfer System within dietetics - Swiss experience   [View abstract]

Standards in dietetics - establishment of an interdisciplinary project   [View abstract]

Nutritional aspects of patients in rehabilitation following Stem cell or bone marrow transplantation   [View abstract]

Breakthrough projects: using evidence, best practices and multidisciplinary training to improve patient care   [View abstract]

Opening Session
Management of childhood obesity - indicators of dietitians' effectiveness   [View abstract]

Issues around feeding children and young people in hospitals   [View abstract]

Poster Award, EFAD 6th Forum   [Go to Awards]

WHO Action on Obesity   [View abstract]

"SUISSE BALANCE" - the national project to increase the proportion of Swiss people with a healthy body weight: first outcome   [View abstract]

Caterer improves the nutritional standard in a geriatric institution   [View abstract]

Are successful Dietitians better at promotion ?   [View abstract]

The Swiss Nutrition Policy   [View abstract]

When the body conquers the mind   [View abstract]

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